Posted by: Sean Fitzpatrick | October 4, 2009

Adventure Playgrounds

My friend Peter at (one of NZ’s best pro-freedom blogs) has posted about this interesting article on re-introducing a little adventure and, heaven forbid, risk into the upbringing of young children.

To me the interesting issue is not the proposal in itself – it is the idea that such a measure is seen as somehow ‘novel’.

To anyone born before the mid-seventies, a childhood full of falling over on concrete covered school-yards, getting stuck up trees or trying to fetch one’s soccer ball from a gorse bush was all par for the course.  It provided us with life experiences, choices to be made and consequences to be handled.  It prepared us all for life.

For us at our martial arts academy I think it is recognition that children need these experiences in life that brings so many kids (and their parents) through our doors.  A desire to try things out and discover the joy of discovery itself!


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